Comparison of Drum-Plugins and Presets

Here are five sound samples of existing drum plug-ins. The track I used for this test is from the first KOHATRED album ‘feel the silence’ and is called PEACEFUL SLEEP. You can hear the full song here. The first three files are made with out-of-the-box-presets that are included or are available additionally to the plug-ins. The last two examples are made with additional samples and the settings of Ola Englund that can be found here. I extended this version and used the cymbals from the Metal Foundry Extension Kit and changed some of the settings and volumes. (All sound samples are normalised to a RMS of about -11db)


BFD2: Joe Barresi – Evil Drums – Kit1:

[audio:|titles=BFD2_ Evil Drums - Joe Barresi - Kit1]


Superior Drummer 2.0: Metal Foundry – Devin Townsend – DevKit

[audio:|titles=S2.0_ Metal Foundry - Devin Townsend - DevKit]


Superior Drummer 2.0: Metal Foundry – Andy Sneap – Teutonic

[audio:|titles=S2.0_ Metal Foundry - AndySneap - Teutonic]


Superior Drummer 2.0: Ola Englund – Original

[audio:|titles=S2.0_ Ola Englund - Original]


Superior Drummer 2.0: Ola Englund – Extended

[audio:|titles=S2.0_ Ola Englund - Extended]


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8 Responses to Comparison of Drum-Plugins and Presets

  1. unsal says:

    Can you share the presets? I have sum of them.
    Nice comparison. Tnx (:

  2. Larry says:

    Hello!! Your presets sound awesome!! Can you share them with me? Thanks!!

  3. JOhn says:

    Hey i really want the presets too :P they are so badass!

  4. Oleg says:

    These sounds awasome!!!! please send me presets, too! thanx!

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