Metal Bass Sound

The bass guitar is the most underrated piece in heavy metal music. Probably this is the reason why only a few good bassists bustle around in this genre?! When I record a bass guitar for a heavy metal sound I usually use the following signal chain:

Bass -> BDDI -> Ampeg

In the following sound samples you can hear, how every element in this chain enhances the sound. The first sample is the raw bass signal. It is recorded with a simple DI Box directly into the recording device. This signal is routed through one of the free outputs into a re-amp box (I usually use a Radial Engineering X-Amp Box) into the Bass Driver D.I. and back into the recording interface. So I am able to record the raw bass signal and the signal from the BDDI together. Finally I use the Ampeg SVX Plugin. Sounds f***ing brutal, isn’t it?!


Bass track direct

[audio:|titles=Bass DI]


Bass track BDDI

[audio:|titles=Bass BDDI]


Bass track BDDI + AMPEG

[audio:|titles=Bass BDDI + Ampeg]


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3 Responses to Metal Bass Sound

  1. Manuel says:


    really nice site, found many useful things here! :-)
    Could you post the preset you are using in the Ampeg Plugin? Would be great!



  2. Manuel says:

    little thing missing: …could PLEASE post the preset. ;-)

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