Mic Placement for Metal Guitar Recording

I’ve done a short video where you can hear and see the influence of the microphone position when micing an amp. I used an SM57 with three different angles: on-axis, half-off-axis and off-axis. Then I moved the mic before the speaker, so that you can hear how the mic placement influences the sound. The signal chain for this video was the following:

Regius 6 -> OD808 -> Herbert -> Diezel 412FK -> SM57

The settings of the OD808 are: Overdrive 9:00; Tone 12:00; Balance 12:00. All knobs of the Herbert are at noon (except the volume :) . Note that the cabinet is front-loaded with Celestion G12K100. Hope you like it…


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    You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!

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