Fredman Micing

Today I did some tests for the recording of our new release and I tried the Fredman-Micing-Technique. The basic idea of this technique is to use two dynamic mics in front of one speaker. One of it on-axis and the other one off-axis. The on-axis mic should deliver the raw and scratchy sound, while the off-axis mic offers a more creamy sound. The combination of these two charachters should offer a real good comination of both worlds. I usually use 2 x SM 57 for Fredman-Micing and set the on-axis mic about 6db lower than the off-axis. For this example I used the Diezel Herbert with an Engl 412 loaded with V30 and quadtracked the guitars. All in all this results in 8 guitar tracks: 2 L – 2 L60 – 2 R60 – 2R.Here are the results:


DI track:

[audio:|titles=FredmanMicing - DI track]


In the first test the on-axis mic pointed directly at the center of the dust cap:

Guitars Fredman 1:

[audio:|titles=FredmanMicing - Position1_Guitars]


Mix Fredman 1:

[audio:|titles=FredmanMicing - Position1_Mix]


In the second test the on-axis mic pointed to the point where the dust cap meets the diaphragm

Guitars Fredman 2:

[audio:|titles=FredmanMicing - Position2_Guitars]


Mix Fredman 2:

[audio:|titles=FredmanMicing - Position2_Mix]


(Don’t judge my playing; it was only done for getting an impression of the sound!)


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6 Responses to Fredman Micing

  1. Sam says:

    Hey man, I went on a little search today trying to find out what this technique was called. This post was really helpful. I think I like Fredman 1 better. Fredman 2 seemed to neglect the raw highs that Fredman 1 captured. Excellent examples.

    • Zemes says:

      Hey Sam, thanks for your great comment. As far as I know, the mic position of the fredman 1 example was used for the recording of some in flames albums. It’s my favorite too!

  2. Pith says:

    Hail Bro !
    Killer stuff You did. Reallly ! Thanx for Your work ! You rule !

  3. Enrico says:

    I recorded at Fredman Studios with my old band and Fredrik used the 2nd position but the most important thing is having a LOT of simultaneous tracks played by a good guitar player :D
    Now I always use that position together with an UREI LA-22 compressor exactly like Fredman’s, together with a british-sounding console the game is done.
    Very nice website dude!!!

    • Zemes says:

      Thanks man! You are right! The most important thing is to have a really good player who is able to play things fucking tight :)

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