SH-4 vs. EMG 81

Here you can hear a quick comparison of these two pickups. The Seymour Duncan SH-4 is in an ESP Horizon Custom and the EMG 81 in a Mayones Regius. The signal chain for this test was:

Guitar -> OD808 -> Engl Powerball -> Engl 412 Pro -> SM57

Mic Position 1:



[audio:|titles=EMG 81]


Mic Position 2:

[audio:|titles=EMG 81_2]



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6 Responses to SH-4 vs. EMG 81

  1. Pablo says:

    HEY DUDE amazing tone some posibility to posting this raw track for download

  2. Pablo says:

    thank you very much man, I appreciate you . very nice information in your blog

  3. Amer says:

    The JB blows away the EMG 81 in my opinion. The EMG’s are fizzy and static, I hate that about them. The JB sounds really sweet and can do any style of music perfectly.

    • Zemes says:

      That’s the reason why my newest axe is equipped with duncans and why I made this test. I also noticed that there are many people out there sharing the same opinion. So there must be something real about it… ;-)

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