Line6 POD Metal Preset

Unforunately I was very busy in the last time and was not able to write new posts. But now I have taken some time to provide a really badass preset for your recordings. I have done it on the basis of this post here. Enjoy!

Here you can listen to the preset in a typical mix (4 gtr tracks; panned L – L 80 – R 80 – R) and processed with UAD Cambridge and UAD Pultec (see pictures below)




Download the Preset here



(You need the Metal Shop AddOn and a compatible Line6 device; I’m using a POD XT; Song snippet is from a song called warchild from my band Kohatred)

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5 Responses to Line6 POD Metal Preset

  1. Hi and thanks for the advice, and the web site honestly looks exceptional. What wordpress design are you utilizing?

    • Zemes says:

      Thanks, the design is mostly done by myself.

    • Siliane says:

      Unfortunately, most of the people who say just learn how to play are right. You rellay won’t be able to play Stairway to Heaven without having to learn all the techniques of picking, strumming, fingering, and chording, especially if you plan to learn the *whole* song and not just 15 seconds of the intro. You’re going to do a rellay poor job of it unless you learn all the techniques you need.It’s like saying I don’t want to learn how to drive, I just want to drive from here to the grocery store and no place else . You still need to learn to steer, brake, signal your turns, park, and all that stuff.

  2. Arckeron says:

    Hi, thanx for your many micing. I’d love to hear you my preset. I attempt to recreate a T75 and a V30 with a SM57.

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