Peavey 5150 / 6505 Settings + Samples

The Peavey 6505 / 5150 is one of the most famous amps for metal. That aggressive monster can be heard on many of the most famous metal releases from the last 20 years including Machine Head, Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, Chimaira, etc.

Many different settings can be found out there in different forums and different hints for recording this amp. I collected some of the most frequently cited settings and made a comprehensive comparison of it. One thing that all approaches have in common is the use of a Tube Screamer and a cabinet with Celestion Vintag 30 speakers. Altogether I selected settings from the following artists:

  • Andy Sneap
  • Ola Englund
  • Killswitch Engange
  • Machine Head
  • Bring me the Horizon

All details of these settings can be downloaded here: 6505/5150-Setting.pdf

Additionally I have used each of these settings for reamping the DI’s provided by Ola Englund that can be foundĀ  here (Thanx for that Ola! Really great work!). For each setting I used the following Signal Chain:

Duet2 -> Radial X-Amp -> OD 808 -> 6505 -> Engl 4x12 -> SM57 -> Duet2

NOTE that I changed the mic position during the reamping to get a better impression of the sound of the setting. Due to the moving of the mic you might hear some changes in the sound of the guitar sample. For every sample I started with a mic position straight to the dust cap of the V30, so that each sample should have a very similar starting point of the mic position.

For the backing-track I used EZDrummer with the Metal Machine EZX recorded by Andy Sneap without any changes in the default setting! The bass was processed with Ampeq SVX and some EQ and Compressors.


Backing Track:


Andy Sneap Setting:


Ola Englund Setting:


Killswitch Engange Setting:


Machine Head Setting:


Bring Me The Horizon Setting:


Each of the guitar tracks is recorded with a 60hz hi pass and a 12kHz low pass filter. There are no effects in the master bus and the drum track.

Hope you have fun trying these settings in your next recording session and perhaps it will make your work and decisions for the next session a bit more easier!

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