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Peavey 5150 / 6505 Settings + Samples

The Peavey 6505 / 5150 is one of the most famous amps for metal. That aggressive monster can be heard on many of the most famous metal releases from the last 20 years including Machine Head, Trivium, Bullet For My … Continue reading

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Free song of the upcoming kohatred album

We are currently recording the third release of my band kohatred, which will be called ‘Edge Of The Unknown’. Two weeks ago we finished the first track and decided to provide it FOR FREE! You can find the download link … Continue reading

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Line6 POD Metal Preset

Unforunately I was very busy in the last time and was not able to write new posts. But now I have taken some time to provide a really badass preset for your recordings. I have done it on the basis … Continue reading

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G12K-100 vs. V30

I’ve done a short comparison between these two speakers. The V 30 sits in a Engl Pro 412 and the G12K in a Diezel Custom 412 Cabinet. Mic was a SM57 and the amp an Dieze Herbert in channel 2 … Continue reading

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Mic Placement for Metal Guitar Recording

I’ve done a short video where you can hear and see the influence of the microphone position when micing an amp. I used an SM57 with three different angles: on-axis, half-off-axis and off-axis. Then I moved the mic before the … Continue reading

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Metal Bass Sound

The bass guitar is the most underrated piece in heavy metal music. Probably this is the reason why only a few good bassists bustle around in this genre?! When I record a bass guitar for a heavy metal sound I … Continue reading

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Re-amping Guitar and Bass Tracks

Re-amping is a recording technique that allows you to dial in every possible sound after you have recorded your tracks. The trick of this process is to record the dry signal coming from your guitar or bass. This source signal … Continue reading

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