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There are still times when I try to build something on my own. For example I tried to build several effect pedals for guitar or even a cabinet. You can find the results of these experiments in this section. I hope you like it…

DIY: Rectifier Style 2×12

A couple of weeks ago, I started building my own 2×12 cabinet. Now all the work is done and I’m proud to show you the results and some pictures of the whole process.


  • Speakers: 2 x Celestion Vintage 30
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Construction: Rear-Loaded
  • Material: 18mm Birch Multiplex
  • Dimensions: 44.45 cm x 76.52 cm x 36.20 cm  (HxWxD)
  • Extras: Removable Front Grill

I have also recorded a short sequence to get a first impression of the box. It is recorded with a Diezel Herbert and a Sennheiser e906 placed straight to the front of the cone. For the drums I used Toontrack Superior Dummer 2.0 and the settings from Ola Englund which are available here. The bass guitar was recorded with a BDDI-like pedal directly into the recording interface. There are 2 guitar tracks in this mix: one on the left and the other one panned right. Additionally, I used a limiter on the sum to get things a bit louder. There are no plugins on the bass and guitar tracks!


[audio:|titles=DIY_ 2x12 Recording Test]


This tiny little box sounds fucking awesome… isn’t it?


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